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Safety courses in Belfast

Current Courses

Leading Behaviour Safety

This 1 Day course aims to identify their role as leaders to challenge undesired habits and behaviours and drive cultural change. The course should enable executives to identify strategic plans to implement proactive safety culture, and, where necessary, introduce changes to make their organisation operate more safely.

The purpose of this programme is to ensure that senior management and decision makers form an appreciation that poor safety is a symptom of wider company problems, by a culture that allows poor habits & behaviours to foster.

Managing Behaviour Safety

This 1-day Managing Behavioural Safety course is for those required to manage and supervise safety. The course should enable managers to identify and change undesired habits and behaviours on site.

The training focuses on developing accountability, coaching, and communication and to foster a proactive safety culture.

Ground-Force Behaviour Safety

This half dayGround-Force Behavioural Safety is for those in daily operations. The course has been designed to provide the essential knowledge and understanding identifying undesired behaviours on site and the importance of hazard reporting.

The training focuses on how habits and behaviours are formed, how habits lead to human error, changing these undesired habits and looking out for your work mates.

Become an Effective Safety Coach

This 1-daycourse is designed for those working in a safety related field including supervisors. To be effective at driving safety culture being ‘compliant police officer’ will not work.These types are quick to point out what is wrong, but do not provide the value adding practical advice and support the manger needs.

The training focuses on influence on developing Interpersonal relationship to coach and influence culture.

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