health & wellbeing

With relatively limited investment, but significant innovative thinking, our multiple award-winning consultants prove small to medium sized business can achieve best in class standards in health & wellbeing.

In 2017, K4 Consultancy won the UK Chambers Business Award for Health & Wellbeing representing a leading construction company.

This award-winning strategy is scalable and tailored to your budget and business needs.

Services include

Health & well being strategy

• Development of bespoke strategy
• Implementation and support of strategy
• Education, learning & growth
• Initiatives and activities
• Mental health first aid
• Employment engagement
• Recognition & reward schemes

Occupational Hygiene
• Occupational hygiene policy
• Health surveillance for construction industry
• Face fit training
• Noise & vibration monitoring
• COSHH assessments
• Compliance to legislation
• Workplace controls & PPE
Occupational Health

• Development of occupational health policy
• Pre-employment health assessment
• Annual health surveillance
• Fitness to task provider
• Return to work
• Health monitoring
• Occ. health risk assessment
• Occ. health training

Mental Health

• Mental health policy
• Mental health first aid
• Stress policy & risk assessment
• Specialist advice and awareness training
• Drugs & alcohol policy
• Compliance of legislation

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