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Winner of the UK Chambers of Commerce Health & Wellbeing Award 2017

Winner of the UK Chambers of Commerce Health & Wellbeing Award 2017

K4 Consultancy representing a leading construction company in Northern Ireland won the prestigious won the prestigious UK Chambers of Commerce Health & Wellbeing Award 2017.

Our Lead Consultant Declan Kearney developed an overarching strategy called ‘BOOST’ which looks after the health and wellbeing of every employee and subcontractor working for the organisation.  The programme covers specific areas of mind, health, workplace, local community and home.

These values extend to providing a working environment and management practices which promote employee wellbeing, good health and recognise the important and constructive role which employees play to improve the health, safety and wellbeing of all.

Chamber of Business Awards 2017

What the judges said:

A deserving winner in this competitive category, Flynn’s clarity of mission and business ambition, together with comprehensively measured results took this entry to the top of the board. The BOOST programme is an example of excellence in health and wellbeing and offers clear benefits for both employees and the business. The inclusion of contractors in the programme goes above and beyond what might be hoped for in such a scheme.

They show a real understanding of what it takes to embed a culture of health and wellbeing, and having KPI’s demonstrate that the true value is understood at the top of the organisation.

The company has a forward thinking approach to health and wellbeing. Judges were unanimous in their scoring and they all agreed that this was a very impressive company.


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